Foundation and development of the company

The company První brněnská kovárna s.r.o. was founded in 1996. Our company picked up on the cancelled forge První brněnské strojírny a.s. and continued to manufacture forgings, which has been a tradition since the beginning of the last century.

After the reaccommodation and installation of the engine plant, the production was begun in the firm domicile in Brno, Železná 10 street. Then the company developed dynamically, the potential of the company increased by installing an additional machine equipment. Consequently the quantity and productivity of the production increased.

Impediment and limiting factor of the further development was the fact, that with the current machines, it was impossible to manufacture heavier forgings. The limit was 7kg at drop forgings and 300kg at hammer forgings.

Therefore the company expanded in 2000. We took over the technologies and also the production of the forge in ČKD Dopravní systémy in Prague -Libeň on Českomoravská street, where the production was lasting for two years.

In 2002, the production was moved to Kladno, where První brněnská kovárna purchased former company zk1 Poldi Kladno. After the further development, our company was divided into two independent companies. Currently, the production of the forgings takes place in PBK BM s.r.o. in Brno and in PBK ZK in Kladno (Poldi area).

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